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  1. cutekim01 Said:

    Cornish Food

    Cornish pasty

    Tradition claims that the pasty was originally made as lunch (‘croust’ or ‘crib’ in the Cornish language) for Cornish tin miners who were unable to return to the surface to eat. The story goes that, covered in dirt from head to foot (including some arsenic often found with tin), they could hold the pasty by the folded crust and eat the rest without touching it, discarding the dirty pastry. The pastry they threw away was supposed to appease the knockers, capricious spirits in the mines who might otherwise lead miners into danger. A related tradition holds that it is bad luck for fishermen to take pasties to sea. Pasties were also popular with farmers and labourers. Some mines kept large ovens to keep the pasties warm until mealtime. It is said that a good pasty should be strong enough to endure being dropped down a mine shaft.

    Clotted Cream

    Cornish clotted cream must be made from unpasteurized milk or the clots will not form. It has a minimum fat content of 55%. The cream is traditionally used in Devon, instead of butter. There is a strong relation between clotted cream and the south west but it is unknown whether it comes from Cornwall or Devon.


    Scones are related to the ancient Welsh tradition of cooking small round yeast cakes. Originally, scones were made with oats, shaped into a large round, scored into four or six wedges (triangles).

  2. samcool22 Said:

    hi. Cool stuff. 🙂

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