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Look into my eyes … you are feeling very sleepy …

Hearing Problems

 Can you hear me now?


 Have I got anything in my teeth?

Sit ups

 one sit up … two sit ups … three … phew I’m done.


 Everyone tells me my cheeks are big, I just tell them they’re NUTS!

No Room

 I told you we should have travelled first class!


 OUCH! Whoever said cats always land on their feet … LIED!

SBD – Silent But Deadly

 hahaha…haha… i farted …hehehe


This is my current avatar. I thought you might want to see it bigger, as it is quite hard to see when  it’s small.


 Dog Says: I love you and all but the baby’s tired me out, let me go to SLEEP! ZzZzZzZzZz

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